Bulb Labs

Bulb’s mission is to help our members save money on their energy bills and reduce their carbon emissions. Bulb Labs is our way of learning about new technologies and techniques that we think might help people do that in the future.

Here’s where we share our experiments, research and prototypes.

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Smart tariff

The cost of energy changes throughout the day based on demand. Most tariffs hide this, meaning you pay the same amount for energy no matter the actual cost. Our 3-rate smart tariff reflects that demand, meaning your energy costs less at certain times of the day, and is even cheaper overnight. It’s designed to make the cost of energy transparent, and to save you money.

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Our Experiments

Carbon Bot

The amount of renewable electricity on the national grid changes minute by minute, depending on things like the weather. This means some times are greener than others to use electricity. Can we use forecasts and predictions about this to help our members reduce their carbon footprint?

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